Toby Price

“With a new trophy truck being built it was time to start looking at a serious trailer that would handle not only carrying my new truck, but more importantly, be able to recover the truck out of some of the harshest off-road conditions, just in case!

After speaking with the Chameleon AMLS team and learning how they manufacture their products it was a very simple decision to partner with them.

On top of the trailer being capable, the fact that I can have the BASE set-up as an ultimate toy hauler/remote base camp for when I am out on the Bike or the Can-Am is awesome!

I am so pumped to be part of the Chameleon AMLS team!”

Adam Greentree

“I’ve spent a life time in the bush adventuring and no matter where in the world I end up exploring the wilds always demand hardy equipment. 

Chameleon AMLS build the tools to help get you outdoors and stand strong against the elements and that’s why I’m partnered with them. Add to that a very friendly team with great communication and you can’t go wrong.”