Australia's most versatile ute tray and trailer platform.

STEP 1 | Choose your Platform

The platform for the AMLS. Choose from a range of sizes in either a BASE Tray or Trailer.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, for the harshest Australian conditions.

STEP 2 | Select your storage

Our all Australian made, aluminium LOKR Canopy range provides an extensive variety of secure storage options for your BASE Tray or Trailer.

Designed on our unique AMLS 350mm grid layout, LOKRs simply, securely and quickly can be added or removed from the BASE

STEP 3 | Add your accessories

The FLEXR range of products completes your setup with a range of accessories to give ultimate flexibility and functionality.

Able to be added at the time of initial purchase or later on, the FLEXR range of accessories means you can continue to adapt and change how you use your Chameleon AMLS products.

BASE Ute Tray

BASE Trailer

LOKR Storage

FLEXR Accessories