About Us

Our History

We have always believed in disruption.

It all started in 2016 when we were thinking about how you can create an adaptable modular loading system to shake up the trailer market.

We wanted to make a system which provided ultimate flexibility so that one trailer could be used for multiple uses. We also wanted to create a system that was rugged, capable and would perform regardless of how, and where you used the trailer.

We then thought, why just trailers, and we extended the AMLS solution to include ute trays with the same modular components so you can also swap the components from your ute to trailer and visa versa. 

And the Chameleon AMLS Solution was born.

After months of design, refinement and development, we produced our first two prototypes which then were tested going from the bottom of Victoria to the tip of Cape York, Monkey Mia in WA to Byron Bay in NSW and even down the Hay River Track through the mighty Simpson Desert. These trips gave valuable insight and we then went back to the design process to make the system even better.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, we are delighted to advise that the Chameleon AMLS solution is now available.

Production lead times are speeding up as we ramp up to meet demand, but we have created a business where lead times are in the weeks, not months, and you have the support and service that matches the quality of the product.

Our Philosophy

We have always believed in innovation.

We have always believed in questioning why, and investigating if there is a better way. We believe that the current approach to designing and delivering the various types of trailers and ute trays is too restrictive.

It is great that other manufacturers have focused their product on only one of the many uses of a trailer or ute, but we think that providing flexibility to allow you to adapt your trailer or ute into whatever use you want is a far smarter option.

Take camper trailers for example. You have to buy from a range of predefined “models”, regardless of whether it is exactly what you want or need, and invariably you end up having to make some compromises. You also have to buy the whole kit and caboodle. With our AMLS solution, you get the best without compromise as you can build up the solution based on exactly what you want. You also have the ability to configure based on what kit you already have. You build your perfect camper trailer based on your requirements and budget. And the best part, use it all year round, as when you are finished using your Chameleon as a camper trailer, reconfigure it for another use.

Every element in the Chameleon AMLS solution has been through an intensive design process. Every part of the solution is designed to seamlessly fit together, every component has a purpose and provides flexibility in both form and function.

Using precision CNC engineering, we have also built the system to be strong, lightweight and capable regardless of how you intend to use your Chameleon trailer or ute BASE.

The Chameleon AMLS solution is built to last, to be easily maintained, and finally the platform allows you to upgrade and adapt based on how you change the way you want to load on your BASE.

Integral to the product development and R&D program is the extensive testing our products in the harshest Australian conditions,

Our initial prototypes have crossed Australia without issue, and this testing process has also informed the final designs now being manufactured. Now they are not only stronger, but with new design modifications there is additional features and functionality,

The system is proven, and we are confident that your Chameleon AMLS will perform regardless of where your journey takes it, for year after year

The AMLS solution is based on adaptability. We have designed the entire solution for re-configuration as your needs change across the life cycle of your Chameleon AMLS.

When designing the AMLS, we have future-proofed this solution by standardising the dimensions and fixing points, so as we develop more components you can be sure it will work with your BASE, and your existing LOKR and FLEXR components.

With other trailers or ute trays, you invariably need to upgrade and buy the latest model to get the latest features and functionality. With our AMLS solution, this is not a requirement. You simply buy the new module you want from the extensive AMLS range..

There are no hidden costs or pricing when you buy your Chameleon solution. All the components are priced exactly the same to purchase the full solution at the start, or when you buy new components from the extensive LOKR and FLEXR range of products to evolve your Chameleon BASE.

We think that this right and fair, and we have done this so you are not penalised through building a solution overtime versus buying it complete when you first purchase your Chameleon AMLS.

Obviously, the only additional costs are freight and potentially labour costs if our team is doing the re-configuration.